Bistorta vacciniifolia ?;

Bistorta affinis from Spiti valley.

Would appreciate if you upload leaf pictures too.

May be Bistorta vaccinifolia.

It is  suggested for information of all members that while uploading photograph of any plant, emphasis should be laid on showing all morphological parts instead of going for magnification of flowers only, which at most places diminishes the chances of easy & correct identification.

Bistorta affinis Greene looks close !


PLANT FOR ID 112 SMP JUN 09 Lahaul- Spiti:  Spiti valley series
Flowers of a plant near stream……?Polygonaceae family

Some Persicaria Sp.
In sahyadri ranges we normally come across a similar looking herb i.e. Persicaria glabra near ponds, streams etc..

Most likely Polygonum amplexicaule, but leaves should help

now Bistora amplexicaulis


Bistorta species : 1 post by 1 author.

Could the members of this esteemed group help establish the ID these wonderful, high-altitude, monsoon flowers photographed at the Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh.

Bistorta vaccinifolia ??

The pink ones might be Persicaria vivipara, and the yellow flowers may belong to Potentilla sp. or Acomastylis elata

There is a difference of opinion on the pink flowers, Persicaria v. or a Bistorta species. So, what should I settle for?



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