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A shrub ca 150 cm tall.  Location: Karanglewas Banyumas ca 600 m alt.
ID is requested.  Thank you

Macaranga member?

Leaf do not like any Macaranga   

You can see how female flowers and aril (red) of a Macaranga may look like – http://www.nationaalherbarium.nl/ThaiEuph/images/ThImageM/Macahull-photo.jpg

You can read description of M. triloba Muell. Arg. in Fl. Br. Ind. or at – http://www.nationaalherbarium.nl/ThaiEuph/ThMspecies/ThMacaranga.htm
The only feature I miss in the attached images is of stipules.

Thank you very much.

Perhaps your 2nd photo shows stipules, please note the highlighted part of the attached photo (I have modified your upload). And M. triloba is a shrub or tree – http://herbariumbiologiunj.edublogs.org/2008/12/18/macaranga-triloba/



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