Tree for ID: SPC-017 : 20-09-12 : Baroda:
Please help to identify this tree from Baroda.
Compound leaves with two pairs of leaflets + 1 terminal. The underside of the leaflets is velvety and the upperside is smooth.
Flowers and fruits not seen.

may be Sapindus emarginatus

wild or in a garden
if a garden …then which one?

Thank you so much … for the lead. I forgot to attach the picture of the individual leaf, have attached it here in case it is of help.

It is growing in a private property, a friend’s farm house.

Tree for ID: SPC-018 : 20-09-12 : Baroda:
Please help in identifying this small/midsize tree from a private property (Baroda). The dark brown bark strips off to reveal a pale, creamy underbark. Compound leaves with two pairs of opposite leaflets and a fairly smooth texture on both sides.

I think this is the same tree which you have posted as
[ efloraofindia 131746 SPC-017 : 20-09-12 :]
Sapindus emarginatus.

This tree is not the same specimen as the one that was identified as Sapindus emarginatus by … in the thread on this link :
Unlike that tree, the bark of this tree is stripping off. The leaves are also not the same, this tree has compound leaves with two pairs of leaflets without any terminal leaflet, and the underside of the leaves is not velvety in this one.




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