Primula inayatii Duthie, Ann. Roy. Bot. Gard. (Calcutta) 9(1): 49, pl. 61 1901. ;
NE. Pakistan to W. Himalaya as per POWO;
Common name: Inayat’s Primrose


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Another Primula species from Kashmir—- P. inayatii

Thanks for another very good upload dear …

This distinctive species appears correctly identified. Photos of it are few and far between so a pleasure to view these. Pity, once again, that no location nor altitude provided.

Stewart tells us that this remarkable species blooms very early. The leaves are small at first and lengthen greatly after anthesis. The flowers are lilac and there is a golden farina on the under surface of the leaves.  It is always important to photograph the undersides of leaves in Primulas.
Recorded from Hazara (Pakistan) and Kashmir incl. on cliff faces wet with the spray from waterfalls.
Ludlow talks of Uri on the Jhelum Valley road where it grew in abundance on an almost vertical cliff-face in the constant splash of the cascade
discovered by Inayat Khan. It flourishes at low levels between 900-1650m and blooms in Kashmir in winter and early Spring i.e. January to March.
The petioles and scape are often red in colour. As most locations are in Pakistan territory not any easy species for Indian botanists to locate.  Also recorded from Gilgit.
Would be great to view some images of the plant in flower on a wet cliff face.


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