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http://www.indianbotanists.com/2014/06/botanical-illustration-painting-plant.html?spref=fb cheers,Kiran Srivastavamumbai

Thanks Kiran Ji, I was lucky enough to meet … at her art school in Kalimpong.. a great display of art by her students was a real treat for me.. as illustrators are be becoming rare, she is doing a wonderful job by training young minds..

Illustrators and painters are a class in themselves especially, if their work is of the finest quality. I remember in the early 80’s there used to be an artist who was illustrating the flowering plants of Sanjay Gandhi National Park here in Mumbai. He was doing a very good job. Unfortunately, he ran out of funds nor could he get a grant. A pity for he had talent.
Bird artists also know their birds as well. There are some fine raptor illustrators who are very good in identifying their raptors in the field. Raptors or birds of prey are not easy to identify and their plumage can easily be confused among different species.