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All of us have photography as our first love, and flowers the second. All of us on this forum are using cameras, preferably DSLR to have good results of close up, some using point and shoot or other compact digital cameras. I have two DSLR Canon 550d and Sony alpha 100, one Panasonic Lumix, and now my Sony Z1 mobile with 20 mp camera. I did not carry these to USA trip for 5 months as my son here has a good Sony alpha 700. The latter developed problem when we were visiting University of California Botanical Garden, and not able to get it repaired we thought of buying a new one and almost short-listed Nikon 3200 (with 24 mp), a good recent DSLR when I read one listing on Amazon with a person having bought it one month ago wanted to sell it because he wanted to shift to mirrorless camera. I request members to share their experience and expertise to help others in deciding between the two types of cameras, especially when we want good photographs of flowers.
Here is a website which compares the two.

Mirrorless cameras are new thing in the market.

Many people are not happy with the thought that they are going to loose the competition to a person who can carry all his equipments with mirrorless camera in his vest pocket from macro to 600 mm lens.
First Professional who is using it is John Issac a retired UN Photographer. He is using Olympus and getting good results. My another American Friend Mr Dan Lafel is using mirror less camera and he likes it.
There is no harm in switching over to these new mirrorless cameras.


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