Henckelia missionis (Wall. ex R.Br.) A.Weber & B.L.Burtt, Beitr. Biol. Pflanzen 70: 350 1997-1998 publ. 1998. (Syn: Didymocarpus membranaceus Bedd.; Didymocarpus missionis Wall. ex R.Br.; Roettlera missionis Kuntze (Unresolved));

Picture of Didymocarpus missionis : 3 posts by 3 authors.

Do anyone have a pictures of the following Endangered plants?
1. Didymocarpus missionis
2. Pseudoglochidion anamalayanum
3. Syzygium beddomei
4. Syzygium courtallense
5. Toxocarpus beddomei
I would like to use these pictures for a small publication with due acknowledgement to the author.

Pseudoglochidinon anamalayanum is now treated as a species of Glochidion. I have got its photo but since it is already published in Flora of India volume 23, it can not be reused.


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