Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae Week:: STATISTICS EXCELL SHEET: I have counted some 262 threads of discussion under the label Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae Week from my inbox.

25 genera were discussed and 62 species counted from the excel sheet prepared by me from the mentioned threads.

* species each were discussed in Amaranthes and Alternanthera while 6 in Achyranthes and Beta. There might be an occasional duplication where a synonym might have been used. One incidence I have found is …Chenopodium and Chenopodiastrum.

Please correct me if you find any errors or omissions as this has been done manually.

Achyranthes Aerva Alternanthera Amaranthus
Achyranthes aspera Aerva lanata Alternanthera ficoidea  Amaranthus viridis
Achyranthes aspera var.aspera Aerva persica Alternanthera bettzickiana  Amaranthus tricolor
Achyranthes aspera var.porphyristachya Aerva javanica Alternanthera pungens Amaranthus cruentus
Achyranthes bidentata Aerva sanguinolenta Alternanthera sessilis Amaranthus caudatus
Achyranthes coynei Alternanthera philoxeroides Amaranthus spinosus
Alternanthera brasiliana Amaranthus hybridus
Alternanthera paronychioides  Amaranthus blitum subsp. Oleraceus
Bassia Beta Blitum Celosia
Bassia dasyphylla Beta vulgaris Blitum virgatum Celosia argentea cristata
Beta vulgaris subsp. Marina Celosia argentea plumosa
Beta vulgaris subsp. Vulgaris Celosia polygonoides
Beta vulgaris subsp. sicla Celosia argentea spicata
Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima
Chenopodium Chenopodiastrum Cyathula Deeringia
Chenopodium album Chenopodiastrum murale Cyathula prostrata Deeringia amaranthoides
Chenopodium foliosum Cyathula tomentosa
Chenopodium botrys Cyathula capitata 
Chenopodium ambrosioides
Chenopodium murale
Digera Dysphania Gomphrena Halogeton
Digera muricata Dysphania ambrosioides Gomphrena celosioides Halogeton glomeratus
Dysphania botrys Gomphrena serrata
Gomphrena globosa
Haloxylon Iresine Krascheninnikovia Microgynoecium
Haloxylon thomsonii Iresine herbstii Krascheninnikovia ceratoides Microgynoecium tibeticum
Pupalia Salsola Spinacea   Suaeda Trichuriella
Pupalia atropurpurea Salsola tragus Spinacea oleracea Suaeda maritima Trichuriella monsoniae
Pupalia lappacea Suaeda olufsenii