Kleinia balsamica (Dalzell & A.Gibson) P.Halliday, 442 1987. (Syn: Notonia balsamica Dalzell & A.Gibson);

by Darshan Kokate (Id by Jui Pethe) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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sending images of Senecio cephalophorus from Nasik for validation, please do the same

efi page on Kleinia cephalophora (syn. Senecio cephalophorus)   

Found the same plant in drier areas (dry scrub forests) around Nashik including Ahmednagar district near rocky streams etc.

Have identified it as Kleinia balsamica which is endemic to Maharashtra
Pls correct if wrong



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sending images of Senecio cephalophorus from nasik in wild
conditions for confirmation & validation, please also send literature
regarding the same if found correct

I think seems to match with images of Kleinia grandiflora (wallich ex DC.) N.Rani

Photographs are not clear. Can you send some other photographs for proper ID.

As pointed out in another post (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/indiantreepix/CuFI6YNHwPY) this could be a Kleinia balsamica. Those are the on good pictures of this species available on the internet. Herbarium specimens of Kleinia balsamica are very rare too. There is a need for more pictures and herbarium specimens of Kleinia plants in Maharashtra and Southern India that deviate from the typical Kleinia grandiflora with its whitish, disk-like, and erect flowers and short flower stems.

Recently a new species of Kleinia from Kerala that closely resembles Kleinia balsamica was described: Kleinia subrahmanianii, see https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/indiantreepix/b1oKB2yYfC4
Ramaswami (1912) describes a Notonia grandiflora var. major from Sengalteri: a much larger plant with profusely branched corymbs. It might be the same as the Notonia corymbosa earlier described by Candolle.  

If you see the plant again check whether a crushed leaf has the strong balsamic odour that Dalzell attributes to Kleinia balsamica and gives it its name; see Dalzell, Bombay Flora, at https://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/38047924.
And try to make more pictures, including a close up of the side of the flower and a vertically sliced flower.