IUCN Red List Status: Data Deficient (DD)
Brachycorythis wightii Summerh., Kew Bull. 10: 242 1955. (syn: Phyllomphax wightii (Summerh.) Szlach.);
brak-ee-ko-RYE-this — Greek: brachy (short) and corys (helmet), referring to the flower shapeDave’s Botanary
WIGHT-ee-eye — named for Robert Wight, Scottish surgeon and botanist in Indi … Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: Wight’s brachycorythis
Endemic to: southern Western Ghats (of India)

Habit: Herb

Flowering and fruiting: May-October
Southern Western Ghats (Kerala)
Attributions-Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi)

This species is found on hills, among grasses and rock crevices in dark soil in the montane zone. Often seen with B. spendida (Kumar and Manilal 1994).
(From IUCN Red List (DD) )

Eravikulam National Park
Date: June 4, 2014 … Base elevation: 2000m asl
Brachycorythis wightii Summerh. … (family: Orchidaceae)

Very beautiful pictures of a species! TFS…

Wonderful !!..this is the second Brachycorythis sp. I have got to see..

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. John Muir
Brachycorythis wightii Summerh.
04 JUN 14 … Eravikulam National Park

This plant was like sighting a treasure, when I found it standing all alone, in contrast among other plants and grasses.
It was a prized feeling when I realized it is endemic to southern Western Ghats, and a rare plant.

Very nice picture of a rare beauty!

Such a lovey plant & Incredible picture … as usual
Very lucky to find this  

Beautiful picture of endemic beauty. Your pictures are always brilliant.

Amazing picture. All the pictures you click are beautifully composed.


Names of Plants in India :: Brachycorythis wightii Summerh.: 1 image.
Brachycorythis wightii Summerh.

brak-ee-ko-RYE-this — Greek: brachy (short) and corys (helmet), referring to the flower shape … Dave’s Botanary
WIGHT-ee-eye — named for Robert Wight, Scottish surgeon and botanist in India … Dave’s Botanarycommonly known as: Wight’s brachycorythis, Wight’s short-helmet orchid

botanical namesBrachycorythis wightii Summerh. … synonymsPhyllomphax wightii (Summerh.) Szlach. … POWO

Bibliography / etymology

~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
Wight’s brachycorythis
  • The commemorative epithet wightii is named in honour of Robert Wight, Scottish surgeon and botanist in India
  • or Wight’s brachycoryth orchid … Flowering Trees by P. K. Valsalakumari
Wight’s short-helmet orchid
This species is a rare endemic; distributed in the Indian state of Kerala. Regional name not known; Hopefully, the local folks will provide it a name – to justify its beauty and rarity !
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