This beautiful orchid Miltoniopsis ‘Bert Field’ was photographed here in Sunnyvale, seeing this genus for the first time.

Really beautiful…



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Miltoniopsis ‘Bert Field’
I spent full 6 months of 2014, and that too the prominent growing season, in California, USA and naturally I clicked most of my photographs there only. It made all the more difficult to choose my Flora picture of the year, with so many unique plants seen for the first time. This year I also had occasion to visit some very well managed nurseries, with labelled plants, that made my job of identification very easy, though it also gave me an occasion to correct some of their labels.
At one stage I had decided to upload a collage of few photographed, but not knowing whether this would be approved by …, I am uploading cultivar of this beautiful orchid photographed from Summerwinds Nursery in Sunnyvale, California.

Really amazing..!! Really a great year for you and luckily we were all able to see many of your clicks..

Very beautiful picture indeed!

Very beautiful flower from a meticulous and vibrantly coloured nursery where I could meet you though for a short duration. Hope we will meet again in such similar place in future.

Wow !!! Very pretty orchid flower Gurcharan Sir !!
its beautiful selection for flora picture of the year !! 🙂



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