I am somewhat confused with cultivar names of orchids. Having known that cultivar names are attached either to the species binomial or genus directly, I find several cultivar names in orchids for which I don’t seem to have an explanation, 2 to three word name after the genus and before the cultivar name (within single quotes). May be … is able to enlighten us and confirm the ID.

It looks like a cultigen of a cultivar :).

I get confused between cultigen and cultivars !!!
But I dont think this is Miltoniopsis Hajime Ono ‘Black Falls’ but something very close.

They always have a commercial name which differs from the taxonomic names. Like a hypothecial example, Dendrobium affine ‘Amitabh Bacchan’. Now if someone produces a next hybrid or among the former there is a plant which looks a bit different then may be he will name it Dendrobium Amitabh Bacchan ‘Avishek’.