Despite best of efforts, we could not go any closer to this population, I hope they are identifiable for experts…
These are all distant shots, sorry for the quality, might be … have better pics..
Can this be D. chrysanthum ??

No sir. This is a Coelogyne sp. Too far to confirm the species but I know this is not from anyone found in western Himalaya.

Other recipients:
I am just guessing but this could be Coelogyne prolifera.RegardsPankaj
I am just guessing but this could be Coelogyne prolifera.

There are more unclear orchids in first pic.

I can also see Rhynchostylis retusa, Luisia (may be zeylanica) and Dendrobium sp. (could be Dendrobium moschatum but cant confirm without having proper look) in the third and fourth pic. 

The place was full of orchids …, we could not go any closer.. thanks for giving your time and liking the posts..



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