GENUS KOBRESIA WILLD. (CYPERACEAE) IN INDIA by Bikash Jana and R.C. Srivastava- Indian Journal of Plant Sciences – 2014 Vol. 3 (2) April -June, pp. 91-111/Jana and Srivastava- Research Article-

ABSTRACT- Taxonomic revision of the genus Kobresia Willd. (Cyperaceae), in India, is presented in this paper. Two new species viz., Kobresia vibhae Jana, R.C.Srivast & Manas Bhaumik sp. nova., and Kobresia paramjitii Jana, H.J. Noltie, R.C. Srivast & Ambarish Mukherjee sp. nova., are described and 3 new records for India are reported here. Ornamentation of nut surface under SEM (Plates I, II) has been found to be an effective tool in solving taxonomic complexes.


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