We work with the Protected Area Interpretation and Eco-tourism group of the Centre for Environment Education (CEE). Currently We are working on developing the Content for various exhibits like Panels, dioramas etc., and publications like Handbook and Coffee-table book on Satpura Tiger Reserve for the Bison Lodge Interpretation at Pachmarhi, Satpura Tiger Reserve.

For the exhibits and publications, we require high-resolution photographs. CEE will pay for one-time use of the photographs and photographers are acknowledged duly for their contribution.

The photos we are looking for require are
1. Habenaria grandifloriformis
2. Dendrobium sp from Satpura/Pachmarhi
3. Rhynchostylis sp from Satpura/Pachmarhi
4. Habenaria marginata
5. Nervilia aragoana
6. Bamboosa polymorpha
7. Begonia picta
8. Drosera indica
9. Cyathea spinulosa
10. Ophioglossum reticulatum
11. Psilotum nudum
12. Osmunda regalis
13. Lygodium flexuosum
14. Fimbriaria dentata
15. Any other flora pictures from Satpura and Pachmarhi

If anyone is willing to contribute, please message my friend, Sneha Dharwadkar (to whom am marking a cc of this message). This is only for an educational purpose and your contribution will be very helpful.

Please feel free to share the post in your friend circles.

Thanks, …, You can search them at Efloraofindia & seek permission of individual members who posted them.


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