Euphorbiaceae fortnight :: Euphorbia sp. from Assam, KD ID 13 : Attachments (7). 8 posts by 4 authors.
Attached images may be Euphorbia sp.. Please ID the Plant.
Date :09.11..2013
Location: Kamrup district, Assam
Family : Euphorbiaceae

It is an introduced garden plant, which I am not able to identify. Please ask the person who is cultivating it for its name. Or ask the Nursery from where he got the plant for its correct name.

Could it be a Cactaceae member? Never seen a Euphorbia with numerous spines from same spot!

Looks like a cacti family not Euphorbia

Its flower pic. will help more..

Agree, definitely looks like Cactaceae.

But there are masses that look like that!

This is Cactus …,

They look like seedling Cereus monstrosus, but cold be etiolated most anything, Echinocereus or they may be one of the “Fairy Castle” type Cereus too. Not Euphorbia at all.

Yes I agree, looks more like one of the Cereus monstrose CV than a Euphorbia

na that cacti looks like a fairy castle


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