Stigmaphyllon ciliatum (Lam.) A.Juss., Fl. Bras. Merid. 3: 49 1833. (Syn: Banisteria ciliata Lam.; Banisteria glauca Desf.; Banisteria nitida Vell.); 
A native of tropical America as per BSI Flora of India;


Climber for ID : 22042013 : RV 1 : Attachments (3). 8 posts by 6 authors.

Please Id this climber……found in Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai.

Looks like some ” Stigmaphyllon sp.” (Family: Malpighiaceae).

Initially I thought this to be Callaeum macropterum, but the leaves are different.

… is right. It is Stigmaphyllon sp.

The flowers are very much similar. Both are from …
Family: Malpighiaceae.

From … given clue, I tried searching since I have also posted the same from MNP.

It seems to be Stigmaphyllon ciliatum of Malpighiaceae.
Kindly validate.

looks like stigmaphyllon periplocifolium

Stigmaphyllon ciliatum as per keys at
Thanks … My suggested id turned to be correct. 

This is Stigmaphyllon ciliatum, leaves with glandular margins and deeply auriculate, so that lower lobes overlapping.


Climber for ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 200612 : AK-3: A climber at Lalbagh, Bangalore seen on 15/4/12.

No flowers when picture was taken….I might have missed out in a hurry.
Any clues?

Tinospora cardifolia?

Surely, it is not Tinospora cardifolia. The leaves are different looking. The climber seem to clasp to the tree trunk with clasping roots, which is not the case in Tinospora. If there are flower photos, pls attach.

The plant is not Tinospora cardifolia.

Could it be a Cissampelos or Stephania species?

This is neither Stephania nor Cissampelos.

Is it Tropaeolum majus?

Initially I thought leaves are peltate. But these are cordate-orbicular-ovate leaves with overlapping lobes. Glaucescent appearance maybe due to use of auto-flash. Pergularia or Telosma have similar leaves. But it may be some other too.

It looks more of Telosma cordata. Flowers/fruits should help confirm the id.

The name suggests Stigmaphyllon ciliatum of Malpighiaceae.
I could find two tiny yellow flowers to confirm id.
Unfortunately, I am getting an error while resizing pictures through Picasa.
Will post the picture once it is rectified.

Thanks Madam, it teaches me the hidden loopholes, though I am likely to forget that again, in trying to id only by vegetative body.



Here are the flowers.

I could finally resize them. Attachments (1).  

Here ciliate margins are not clear. Pl. post original image.

The leaf margins were smooth on this climber.
Here is the original image.

I can see some ciliate margins. Pl. post original image.

As you have now posted the original image, I can see some ciliate margins.
Pl. see these carefully again.


The Plant List Ver.1.1
 BSI Flora of India  Dave’s Garden Top Tropicals  Floriculture in India By Gurcharan Singh Randhawa, Amitabha Mukhopadhyay (1986- Details of Stigmaphyllon ciliatum with Stigmaphyllon periplocifolium (Desf. ex DC.) A. Juss. (is a synonym of Stigmaphyllon emarginatum (Cav.) A. Juss.))