Alocasia fornicata ?;

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Location : Mizoram
Date : 12-10-2012
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Wild

May be young leaf of Alocasia fornicata Schott. Attached here a few photographs, for comparison.

Before I reply your other thread I would like to explain it first, one more time –
This plant is Alocasia because 1) leaves are glossy (though Colocasia antiquorum has also glossy leaf, as per FoC) 2) berries, though I haven’t seen any, of Colocasia are obconic or oblong, greenish to dull orange and 3) even  FoC doesn’t know how the berry of C. antiquorum looks like!
This is Alocasia – but which species?
Bengal Plants provides KEY I have sent you in my earlier mail to another thread –
(i) basal lobes of leaves connate for one-third to one-fourth = fornicata
(ii) basal lobes connate for three-fourth (please also check FoC for their view), leaves elongate-rhomboid, caudate-acuminate = acuminata
As per Bengal Plants we do not have A. acuminata here. I think I have A. fornicata pictures and I have uploaded those a number of times. The connate part of A. fornicata is very variable as noted by Haines. And I have seen young leaves just like this one. So, I have suggested this plant to be Alocasia fornicata.
But, it may also be A. acuminata instead!
My view is – please check an entire population, for variation in leaves (connate part. lamina shape, leaf apex), number of inflorescence to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

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