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They charge you Rs.10/- to enter the garden. Another Rs.20/- for using still camera. -ok, no problem!

They will check your cellphone if it has a lens!
They won’t allow you to carry cigarette or matches, polypack, food-packets etc inside – certainly it should be like this!
But, they won’t allow you to carry water-bottle – the tap water system found inside is so filthy that you will never drink a drop there, maybe those are meant for crows!
Cactus House, Palm House etc are not for you!
Instead of returning home went to Shibpur today, chiefly to revisit the Cycas I have posted recently, and that garland, and a Leea, and the Pandanus, and also if I could get some palm outside the house!
Three hours is much much less than what one needs. Besides the day was hot and humid, partly cloudy. Returned a while ago, exhausted …. so only will upload the collection, won’t be able to provide details (didn’t take note), most of the photographs won’t be clear.

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