Chascanum hyderabadense (Walp.) Moldenke, Torreya 34: 9 1934. (syn: Bouchea hyderabadensis Walp.; Svensonia hyderabadensis (Walp.) Moldenke; Verbena hyderabadensis Rottler ex Wall. [Invalid]; Verbena maysorensis Wight ex Wall. [Invalid]);



Chascanum hyderabadense (Walp.) Moldenke SN Aug 32 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).
Chascanum hyderabadense (Walp.) Moldenke (= Bouchea hyderabadensis Walp),
tall undershrub from Yercaud hill station Tamilnadu

Thanks … for showing… This taxon can be confused with Stachytarpheta..


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