Curcuma rhabdota Sirirugsa & M.F.Newman, New Plantsman 7: 196 2000. ;
Indo-China: Laos, Thailand as per POWO;

So far known from eastern Thailand (close to the Lao border), Cambodia and southern Lao PDR. The extent of occurrence is estimated at 44,557 km² and the area of occupancy is certainly less than 500 km². It is known from more than five locations but fewer than ten.

Grows in deciduous and semi-deciduous forest, near streams (Maknoi 2006).
Sold at markets as an ornamental and exported to various international markets.
Habitat degradation through agricultural expansion and over-collection of rhizomes from the wild populations are the two main threats to this species.
Citation: Leong-Skornickova, J., Tran, H.D., Newman, M., Lamxay, V. & Bouamanivong, S. 2012. Curcuma rhabdota. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2014.2. <>. Downloaded on 02 September 2014.



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Please find the photo of ornamental Curcuma, C. rhabdota

Beautiful inflorescence…!! Seeing for the first time..


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