Alpinia zerumbet ?;




Alpinia malaccensis (Burm.f.) Roscoe (Zingiberaceae) is a planted species in Pantnagar.
Images include a flower split open, fruits (mature and immature) and flowering.

Excellent presentation … thanks for sharing this beauty…

It is not A. malaccensis, seems to be A. smithiae  or A. zerumbet

Thank you … for suggesting the alternative ID.

As I remember A.smithiae is a new species reported from South India and mentioned as endemic to the area. I was looking for the paper in which it was described by Dr Sabu and Mangaly in 1991 but could not get it.
If you have the copy of it please send so that I may verify with my specimens.

It is Alpinia zerumbet.

Alpinia zerumbet usually has pendent spikes and capsules are distinctly ridged which is not the case here.


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