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Joining Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra 2014 in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand on 29th Aug till 7th September.
It is around 100 km trekking in temperate and alpine Himalaya passing through meadows, ridges, lakes and glaciers.
Hope it will be good for alpine plant hunting.

All the best. Hope to see your new discoveries after you return back.

Wish you a wonderful trek up the hills. I have been only upto Roopkund through Ali and Bedni bugyals, and I still savour the memories of the trek I did in June 1985… i.e. nearly 30 years back. What a wonderful landscape… Yes plants would be aplenty and with your passion, you would, I am sure, make the best of this visit..

Great stamina and chance for a lot of positive spirituality
For me its an impossible dream now at that sort of heights, so I wish you special success and please say a wish for me… and a pranaam. You choose the prayer for me, Please.. 
Hopefully you can carry a tiny camera to take some pics, may be?
Lots of good wishes.

I am back to Pantnagar after a long, tiring religio-botanical journey of Nanda Jat 2014. Got some interesting plants and will share later.
The entire experience was unforgettable.

Nice to hear from you …

Situation in Himalayas these days is not suitable for trekking, due to lately arrived monsoons.. we are all aware of devastating floods in J&K.. happy to know that you are back safely and with some interesting observations..

Thanks … Waiting for interesting uploads from you.

Happy to know that you have a very meaningful trip. Eager to see the uploads.


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