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Flowering- august

This is not orchid, seems like Aeschynanthes sp.

Aeschynanthus species so far in efi 

If this is this is the same as in efi thread I think it is Aeschynanthus parasiticus (Roxb.) Wall., not A. parasiticus C.B.Clarke which is synonymous with A. hookeri C.B.Clarke, for the later has very shortly obtusely lobed scarlet calyx.

Yes the first pic is of an Aeschynanthes but the second pic shows an Orchid fruit, a Dendrobium but cant confirm the species from this pic.



Aeschynanthes sp. id From Bangladesh SM171 : 10 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4).

Is it A. hookerri? Thanks … for your genus identification
Location: Tamabil, Jaflong, Sylhet
Flowering: August, 2014

Habitat: Epiphytic

Good morning …, your plant seems to match with A. parasiticus (syn. A. grandiflorus) – http://plantillustrations.org/species.php?id_species=25343

It is Endemic to Meghalaya

Well, Aeschynanthus parasiticus Wall. Cat. 796 is a complicated identity. Check FBI, it finds its place in A. grandiflora Spreng., in A. maculata Lindl. and also A. micrantha Clarke!
Forget century old literature, check century old herbarium – http://apps.kew.org/herbcat/Aeschynanthus+parasiticus!

Forget all old things, check your Govt. website – http://www.bnh.gov.bd/plants.html

I got it end of August

Sorry, …, I fail to understand what you meant by “I got it end of August”. Roxburgh’s Incarvillia parasitica flowers in rainy season (vide Flora Indica, III, 112).

August is monsoon… rainy season
It mostly Shrbon mash… that ‘s rainy season by any calendar  🙂

I request … to check description of Aeschynanthus macranthus (Merr.) Pellegr – http://www.theplantlist.org/tpl1.1/2?ref=tpl1

Thanks … I found it very near to the Megalay Hill adjacent to Dauke, Tamabil border of Shillong. Its seems it is prefer high altitude. In August in Bangladesh occurring heavy rain .

Thank you very much …, you are really helping me learn more. I feel very uneasy when we fail to resolve one or two of your uploads.



Aeschynanthus parviflorus : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

Sharing some pictures I guess is Aeschynanthus parviflorus shot at Nagarkot Nepal on 13 August 2016 at 5500 ft. 

I think looks closer to images at Aeschynanthus parasiticus (Roxb.) Wall.

MS Sept, 2018/18 Aeschynanthus sp. for Id. : 7 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

Location : Ailawng, Mizoram

Date : 16-08-2018
Habit : Epiphytic plant
Habitat : Wild


Pl. check comparative images at

I could not find any match as per comparative images at
What are the species found in your area ?

The following spp. are found in Mizoram : Aeschynanthus acuminatus, A.gracilis, A.maculatus, A.mannii, A.masoniae, A.parasiticus, A.parviflorus, A.sikkimensis & A.superbus.

May be Aeschynanthus parasiticus (Roxb.) Wall. only although sepals are not clear in your images.
Also does not match with other valid species (some being syn. of already existing species in efi) not there in efi as per