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This may be the same Areca as in efi thread. Areca guppyana Becc.?

Looks like an Areca

I accept it as Areca sp. only, as suggested by …
Someday, I may get its fruit or flower picture to try for the species level.

We have only Areca catechu L. from India in our database, so far.

BSI mobile app lists two spp –

  1. Areca catechu L.
  2. A. macrocalyx Zipp. ex Blume
I think this species is Areca macrocalyx.
Or, else, why would BSI cultivate A. catechu when it is found everywhere in South Bengal!

Extremely sorry! two more species are reported from SI app –

  • Areca nagehsis Griff.
  • Areca triandra Roxb.
Both GBIF and KEW treats the above two spp synonymous !!! – POWO
This means I am again on ground zero. It is Areca sp. only.