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This has glaucous abaxial. The last pic is of an unknown small snail, I think.

It is not glaucous but silvery – Arenga engleri Becc.?

Without details of inflorescences/fruits this is not straightforward. If as you say cult. in Kolkata then it could be any one of several Arenga spp

Arenga engleri Becc. ??  Since this sp. is planted there.

Thanks, … But looks different from closeup details at 

I accept it as Arenga sp. only, as suggested by Dr. Dransfield.

However, the garden does have Arenga engleri Becc. – https://bsi.gov.in/garden-page/en?rcu=140,38

Does it matches ?

BSI developed a mobile app that can be downloaded from the playstore.
Arenga species listed in that app are –
  1. A. wightii –
  2. A. tremula
  3. A. australasica
  4. A. otusifolia
  5. A. pinnata
  6. A. undulatifolia
Surprisingly, Arenga engleri doesn’t show up in that app search. One reason might be that this particular species is housed inside the “palm house”.
I visited the site – palmpedia.net, to find if I could id this species out of those above listed six spp.
I think Arenga wightii comes closer to my species, but base of the pinnae looks different. And of-course the species also features in the group site.
Rather, this leaf image, at Gbif image at
looks similar to my photo no. P1110619.jpg