Pegaeophyton purii (D.S.Rawat, L.R.Dangwal & R.D. Gaur) Al-Shehbaz, Novon 14(2): 157 2004. (Syn: Dilophia purii D.S.Rawat, L.R.Dangwal & R.D.Gaur);  

First ever photo of live specimens of Pegaeophyton purii (D.S.Rawat, L.R.Dangwal & R.D.Gaur) Al Shehbaz [basionym Dilophia purii D.S.Rawat, L.R.Dangwal & R.D.Gaur in J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc. 93: 262-264. 1996.] was taken in the type locality of this species in my recent tour to Roopkund area of Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand. It is a tiny plant, entire rosette measuring hardly 2 cms.

Till date this species is a point endemic growing near Roopkund area (4500- 4850m), Uttarakhand.

Congrats … on this great find! I am particularly fond of tiny plants 🙂 It looks beautiful!

Congrats … It is always exciting to click plants which you earlier had only in herbarium form.

Congrats and thanks … for sharing this unique and very rare species..



FLORA PICTURE OF THE YEAR-2014 D S Rawat : 16 posts by 15 authors. Attachments (3)

My flora picture of the year 2014 is:
Pegaeophyton purii (D.S.Rawat, L.R.Dangwal & R.D.Gaur) Al-Shehbaz (Brassicaceae)
The genus has only seven species in the world, most of them described in last 30-40 years, occurring in alpine Himalaya and adjacent China.
This species was described by us in 1996 though the specimens were collected much earlier by me from Roopkund area in Uttarakhand. This area is a high Himalayan terrain with hostile climate and strenuous tracks. I trekked to Rupkund and adjacent areas as early as in 1987 as a B.Sc. student to participate in the Asia’s longest religious on foot journey (20 days, + 200kms) “Nanda Devi Raj Jat 1987”. This area made a deep impression in my mind and called me back in 1990s twice as a research student. I missed the Nanda Devi Raj Jat in 2000 but collected all my energy and strength to join this journey in 2014. The objective was to see and photograph the flora of this area (photographs and negatives of optical cameras shot earlier have become a history and of little use) in addition to religious reverence.
Pegaeophyton purii is a tiny perennial herb (rosettes 2-3 cm across only) with sparse population restricted to Roopund area (a point endemic) in the world. After a long gap of nearly two decades I was sceptical about our encounter with it. BUT the hard toil proved worthy as I was able to photograph this species first time in the world. The tiny beauty rising up from the rock crevices and between small boulders greeted us at least at 5-6 places, still persisting in its native land.
I have added two more pics to show the area, one depicting the type locality and other showing panorama behind the ridge. This entire area sustains some splendid alpines, breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks and rich flora. The love for these landscapes had rewarded me one new species and few, collected this year, are to be published as new.
Who knows when I will be able to visit this area once again?

Thanks, …, for all your courage to still make such strenuous journeys & enchant everybody here at efloraofindia.  Your depictions is also wonderful.

…, your name is one of the few which flashes in my mind when it comes to difficult journeys for exploring plants, Looking at the pictures showing indicative routes and the hostile terrain – it is simply mind-boggling. A crisp salute to you for the enthusiasm and strong will, to accomplish such challenging explorations.

This particular one “I was able to photograph this species first time in the world” is a rare and wonderful reason for being your flora pic of the year.

Real Flora picture of the year …, beautifully depicted through words and lens, any one can imagine your firmness and determination for undertaking this journey, really really appreciable…

Congratulations … for finding this tiny beauty, your hard work yielded..hope to join you in any such event in future..

Real beauty captured through your lens …, and the hard-work and determination all showing up.

Mesmerised after reading the story and observing the path and pictures.
Rewarding efforts!

Superb … Extraordinary efforts and great find..

Congrats …, for the great find!
Its really great to see the world’s first picture of the tiny beauty through your lens. And, what a wonderful view of the landscape!
A big salute to you for your passion and determination.

Hearty Congratulations, …! Keep it up!!
I had the privilege of botanizing in parts of Tungnath with … We all are proud of you. 

Thank you all for nice words!

Such words always invigorates me and inspire to explore. …
I still remember my D.Phil. days when you sent me a big bunch of your publications on alpine plants. You have been a biggest inspiration to me since my early research days.

What a nice inspiring write up and life’s experience

Thanks for the picture… i’ll never get to see this other than here…

Appreciate your comment about the analog camera its negatives etc… same here..



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