Subject/ Area Experts:


Dr. Manoj Chandran (Poaceae)

Dr. M. Sabu (Zingiberaceae, Marantaceae & Musaceae)

Dr. N.P. Balakishnan (Euphorbiaceae)

Dr. Chris Fraser-Jenkins (Pteridophytes)

Dr. V P Prasad (Cyperaceae)

Dr. Mayur Nandikar (Commelinaceae)

Dr. Wojciech Adamowski (Impatiens)

Dr. Anil Kumar (Poaceae)

Dr. V. Sampath Kumar (Lamiaceae)

Dr. Pascal Bruggeman (Arisaema)

Dr. Andrew Henderson (Arecaceae)

Dr. J R I Wood (Strobilanthes)

Dr. M. V. Krishnaraj (Fabaceae)

Dr. Shantanu Chavan (Alysicarpus)

Dr. M.K.Jana (Lentibulariaceae)

Dr. R. H. Archer (Celastraceae)

Dr. Mark Hughes (Begonia)

Dr. Sukla Chanda (Saliaceae)

Dr. Magnus Liden (Papaveraceae)

Dr. S. Panda (Ericaceae)

Dr. Late Bhaskar Veeralinga (Impatiens)

Dr. K M Prabhu Kumar (Zingiberaceae)

Dr. Subir Bandyopadhyay (Bauhinia & related genera)

Sh. Ron Kushner (Convolvulaceae)

Sh. Suhaib Firdous Yatoo (Fungi)

Dr. A B Nadaf & Dr. Rahul Zanan (Pandanaceae)

Sh. Pudji Widodo (Araceae, Aracaceae & Myrtaceae)

Sh. Late Krishan Lal (Himachal)

Dr. N. Sasidharan (Kerala)

Dr. A R Sivu (Memecylon)

Dr. Rajib Gogoi (Impatiens of Himalayas)

Sh. Chris Chadwell (Ladakh & North Western Himalayas)

Sh. Bhaskar Adhikari (Berberidaceae)

Sh. Varun Sharma (Ornamental plants & Maharashtra)

Sh. Ajinkya Gadave (Ornamental plants)

Smt. A. Lalithamba (Andhra Pradesh)

Smt. Radha Veach (Maharashtra)

Sh. Viplav Gangar (Maharashtra & Gujarat)

Sh. Satish Pardeshi (Maharashtra)

Sh. Prasad Dash (Orissa)

Sh. Raman Arunachalam (Bengaluru)

Sh. Nayan Singh (Madhya Pradesh)

Sh. Ashwini Bhatia (Himachal Pradesh)

Sh. Anil Thakur (Himachal Pradesh)

Sh. Santanu Dey (Meghalaya/ North East India)

Sh. M Sawmliana (Mizoram)

Sh. Samiran Panday (North East India)

Dr. Rakesh Singh (Gujrat)

Sh. Ashutosh Sharma (Himachal Pradesh & Fungi)

Dr. Alastair Culham (Europe)

Ms. Sheila (Europe)

Dr. G S Rawat (Western Himalayas)

Sh. Siddarth Machado (South India)

Dr. Ishwari Rai (Western Himalayas)


There are so many experts helping in building of efloraofindia as can be seen from Major contributors. But there are some experts in this list who have continuously guided us over a long period of time despite their busy schedule (named as Subject/ Area Experts here). Thus, ‘Subject/ Area Experts’ are long-standing, committed & hard working persons who are strengthening and promoting efloraofindia as a whole, striving to take it towards achieving its goal. They have high-level expertise in their areas & are showing great dedication & involvement resulting in ‘critical’ contributions for the growth of efloraofindia. Those who are already in The Pillars, their names have not been included here. More such names will be added when they come up to their level.

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