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This is very tricky, looks like Guihaia, but petioles bear armature a Licuala species?

It can not be Guihaia, Sir, as per flora of China. I accept it as Licuala sp. only, because. according to Flora of China. the genus is featured by the presence of spines on its petioles

I think we have Licuala spinosa Wurmb in Bot. Garden in Kolkata.

The BSI app that I mentioned in another thread, just a little while ago, lists –

  1. Licuala spinosa Roxb.
  2. L. spinosa Thunb.
  3. L. peltata Roxb.
  4. L. grandis Wndl.
I do not know if my species can be any one of those. Actually, this kind of ignorance makes me getting fed up with myself.

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