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This is one more. Seen at approximately 13000ft asl in Chamoli

Saxifraga !! roylei may be.

Saxifraga roylei I think

Could this be Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger)?
A clearer picture would help.

I don’t have a clearer picture unfortunately. It was raining a lot that day so I could only do quick photographs whenever the rain would stop. the petals were white, without any veins visible, as in the Henbane

Could you please post the original size image? That might help…

Here it is. Attachments (1).

Thanks for the quick response. So, now I can see, they are the rain/dew drops which gave me the illusion of veins! 🙂 Certainly not Hyoscyamus niger.

The leaves look glandular hairy – so, it should not be Saxifraga roylei. There are many other white flowered Saxifraga species to choose from.

Seen a lot of specimens of this plant in my recent trekking to Roopkund-Homkund area in Chamoli.

It is not a Saxigraga.
It is Arenaria glanduligera of Caryophyllaceae.
May please be shifted to proper place.