Saussurea graminifolia Wall. ex DC., 536 1838. ; 
Images by D.S.Rawat (1) and Prashant (2,3,4-validation by D.S.Rawat)




Saussurea graminifolia (Asteraceae) photographed above Bhagwabasa near Roopkund (Chamoli) Uttarakhand 4500m altitude.

Thanks for showing rare alpine beauty

Saussurea graminifolia?? at Dhel Pass – GHNP-PKA1 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5).
Seen this Saussurea sp. (Family: Asteraceae) enroute Dhel at “Great Himalayan National Park” (GHNP) at altitude of approx. 3900m.
Bot. name: Saussurea graminifolia ?? (Pl. validate)
Date/Time: 28-09-2014 / 01:30PM

Saussurea graminifolia to me too.

First of all congrats for visiting GHNP after its inscription as World Heritage Site. Pity that I have not been able to do so, even as I extensively trekked through the Park during the process of its inscription. 
Yes, the image is definitely Saussurea graminifolia, a striking plant visible to only those with keen eyes. I have also recorded good widely scattered patches of this plant during my recent trek to Bharara Sar (4270 m), a lake on Rupin ridge defining the boundary of Himachal (Dodra Kwar) and Uttarakhand (Gobind Pashu Vihar).

Thanks a lot … for validating the ID.
I happen to see many of this plant enroute Dhel pass of GHNP..



Flora Picture of the Year 2014 – Prashant Awale : 15 posts by 15 authors. Attachments (2)

Trekking in Himalayas is always exiting and adventurous. I had been on a 10 days trekking expedition in “Great Himalayan Nationanl Park” (GHNP) in Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh during Sepetember 2014. It was a great experience. The maximum altitude reached during this trek was approximately 4000m.
Trek covered both the Tirthan valley and Sainj Valley and it was bit strenuous at times. We started our trek from Village Ghusaini (near Sai Ropa) and then camping at Rolla, Chodwar, Guntarao, Dhel, Bherad Nalla, Shakti and finally at Sainj Ropa.
Even though it was not a very good time for watching flora but still i could find some new ones for me. 
While we were traversing a bit difficult slope en-route Dhel Pass, i was greeted by this cute little mountain beautySaussurea graminifolia“. New find for me..
Saussurea graminifolia is my Flora Picture of the Year-2014. Also sharing a habitat photo of this small herb..

Simply superb! and tempting too …

Excellent choice for flora picture, beautiful flower, challenging exploration !! Nice find dear …

Wonderful, … Realy very-2 difficult to catch such beauties. Hat off to you.

a very nice picture of a flower that I will not get to see at least by walking up to it… so thanks for this desk side viewing… And as … said a superb photo

This species of Saussurea eluded me for long till I photographed it this year only. It is not a common Saussurea, even less common than Saussurea obvallata, the well known “Brahm Kamal” of Himalaya. Restricted to grassy slopes around 4000m altitude this species has grasslike leaves urning it the specific epithet ‘graminifolia’ and due to such leaves difficult to locate until in flowering.

…, I still remember many floral beauties captured by you in that difficult terrain.
Thanks for showing the flora of G.H.N.P.

A truly wonderful capture. The GHNP route is also as nice as your picture.

Wow, what a beautiful flower sir…Thanks for sharing its habitat also..!!
Its really difficult to identify plant in such type of habitats..!!



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