Hope you are doing well. I’ve been having a wonderful time quietly enjoying the beautiful plants and experiences shared on this group. I have the honour of working to connect people to plants and this weekend, we have a program coming up that I thought people on this group would be interested in.

FRLHT, has a wonderful garden, filled with some very interesting plants that is just a short drive from the city. Sadly though, hardly any lay person knows of it. We want to make it so, that instead of going to some silly amusement park on the weekends, people start coming to such gardens and therefore support the culture of having nature in our lives.

ArtyPlantz is trying to plan the events in such a way that people are shown how much fun it is to be out in nature. Do find the details here: http://artyplantz.org/green-connect-frlht/

If you are in Bangalore, do think of supporting this movement, I promise you will have fun 🙂 . If you have other groups or friends in Bangalore that you think would be interested, do forward it to them.

Have a nature-filled week ahead!

Thanks, … It will really be wonderful for those who can make it- particularly the first timers.


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