Piper divaricatum G.Mey., Prim. Fl. Esseq. 15 1818. (Syn: Artanthe adenophylla Miq.; Artanthe colubrina (Link) Miq.; Artanthe colubrina var. crassa (Vell.) Miq.; Artanthe colubrina var. crassifolia Miq.; Artanthe colubrina var. glandulosa Miq.; Artanthe meyeri Miq. [Illegitimate]; Artanthe obovata Miq.; Piper apiculatum C. DC.; Piper belemense C. DC.; Piper colubrinum Link; Piper colubrinum (Link ex Kunth) Link ex C. DC.; Piper colubrinum var. adenophyllum (Miq.) C. DC.; Piper crassifolium (Miq.) C. DC.; Piper crassum Vell. [Illegitimate]; Piper glabrilimbum C.DC.; Piper guedesii C. DC.; Piper impunctatum Link; Piper insipiens Trel. & Yunck.; Piper leiophyllum C. DC.; Piper oblongilimbum C. DC.; Piper praemorsum Rottb. ex Vahl; Piper romboutsii Yunck.; Piper subaequale (C. Presl) C. DC.; Piper tejucense (Miq.) C. DC.; Piper tumidicondyli Trel.; Schilleria colubrina (Link) Kunth); 
Bolivia, Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Southeast, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela as per POWO;


Piperaceae, Lauraceae and Thymelaeaceae Fortnight: SN 42 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).

Piper divaricatum G.Mey. (= Piper colubrinum Link), cultivated in the medicinal garden TNAU, Coimbatore, It is a South American species distantly related to Piper nigrum. L and is the only species reported to be totally immune to Phytophthora foot rot of black pepper.



Small Tree for ID : MNP,Mumbai : 130812 : AK-3: A small tree, probably a young one, seen at Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai on 12/8/12.

Small, white, long fruits reminded me of young Jackfruit or Long Pepper.
Any possible id?

It could be Piper dilatatum
Isotype of plant Link: http://content63.eol.org/content/2012/03/07/13/31089_orig.jpg

Adding two more pictures of the same small tree, taken at the same place recently for confirmation of id.

I have reservation about the identity of the photos representing a species of Piper. Firstly, Pipers are not trees and secondly identifying it with an American species is doubly wrong. Sorry, I can not identify it. 

Its probably an exotic species of Piper. Indian Pipers do not have tree habit. I will try to find the name and let you know.

…. Piper retrofractum Vahl ?

The species of Piper is an exotic one and probably of American tropics. In its morphology its looks very close to Piper crassinervium Kunth.
However because it is found in Indian gardens it may also be P. cloubrinum Link, which is found in gardens in Kerala (IISR, TBGRI, etc)
Fruiting bodies will be more useful for confirmation

Thanks to you and … for the follow up and probable id of this Piper.
I will try to take more pictures when I revisit the place.

Requesting to please ID this big shrub captured in MNP, Mumbai in May 2014.
Is it some piper species? 

The photos are of Gnetum sp. and certainly not of any species of Piper. 

It is surely Piper species. I cannot pinpoint the species, most probably (90%) it is the South American Piper colubrinum Link. This species was introduced into India in the late 70s . This is used as a rootstock for grafting blackpepper to develop”pepper trees”as a means of preventing the wilt disease caused by Phytophthora and nematodes. This species is immune to such pathogens. There are male and female plants, but later in the growth stages bisexual flower production and fruit and seed setting could be noticed. This is a diploid species with 2n=24/26. (cultivated black pepper is tetraploid with 2n=48). 

Thank you … for the possible ID.

Since it is a cultivated pant, I will check if I get any further information about the plant from the MNP gardeners/authorities…

I have also posted the same earlier.
Let me find my post and do the corrections.

Your post is here
There too, I do not think, the ID has not been conclusively established… 

I have attached pics of a plant, leaves and inflorescence for identification.

pics taken at Maharashtra nature park, Mahim, Mumbai in Sept 2009.

Small fls, spines and leaf shape reminds me of Zizyphus

This reminds me some exotic species of Piper. Definitely not Zizyphus as suggested by …

This looks very much like Piper roxburghii.

Thanks, …, I could not find Piper roxburghii on net. Do you mean to say it as Chavica Roxburghii, Miquel. syn. Piper longum, L. —Common Long Pepper as per link:

it seems to me Piper retrofractum Vahl Enum. pl. 1:314. 1804
syn: Chavica officinarum, Piper chaba, Piper officinarum
Family: Piperaceae
Long Pepper, Balinese Pepper
Origin: South East Asia

… I had referred to Flora of Mah., Vol IV pg: 246 which has a pic. of Piper roxburghii Miq. The pic. matched well with the pictures uploaded. There is no other information  that I could find of this species in the volume.  
Chavica roxburghii is is the same as piper longum L.  The experts will have to decide. 

This should answer your question 


Thanks, …,
I could not find any Piper roxburghii Miq.
What should be the answer?

just check with
Piper retrofractum Vahl Enum. pl. 1:314. 1804 in toptropical.com

The given website (Sorting plant names) treats Chavica roxburghii Miq. (This was combined as Piper roxburghii (Miq.) J.Presl Wseob. Rostlin. ii. 1452, 1846 according to IPNI records) as synonym of Piper longum L.

I think it may be Piper divaricatum as per details herein, as per other posts identified from MNP.

I guess ID is correct   



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