Bambusa multiplex (Lour.) Raeusch. ex Schult., Syst. Veg. 7: 1350 1830. (Syn: Arundarbor multiplex (Lour.) Kuntze; Arundarbor nana (Roxb.) Kuntze; Arundinaria glaucescens (Willd.) P.Beauv.; Arundo multiplex Lour.; Bambusa albifolia T.H.Wen & J.J.Hua; Bambusa alphonse-karrii Mitford ex Satow; Bambusa argentea var. vittata Beadle; Bambusa caesia Siebold & Zucc. ex Munro [Invalid]; Bambusa dolichomerithalla Hayata; Bambusa floribunda (Büse) Zoll. & Mor. ex Steud. .; Bambusa glauca Lodd. ex Lindl.; Bambusa glaucescens (Willd.) Merr. ……………………; Bambusa liukiuensis Hayata; Bambusa multiplex f. albo-variegata (Makino) Muroi ex Sugimoto …………………..; Bambusa nana Roxb. …………; Bambusa pubivaginata W.T.Lin & Z.M.Wu; Bambusa shimadae Hayata; Bambusa sterilis Kurz ex Miq. [Invalid]; Bambusa strigosa T.H.Wen; Bambusa textilis var. persistens B.M.Yang; Ischurochloa floribunda Buse; Leleba amakusensis Nakai; Leleba dolichomerithalla (Hayata) Nakai; Leleba elegans Koidz.; Leleba floribunda (Buse) Nakai ..; Leleba liukiuensis (Hayata) Nakai; Leleba multiplex (Lour.) Nakai …; Leleba multiplex (Lour.) Nakai; Ludolfia glaucescens Willd.; Triglossum arundinaceum Gamble [Invalid]);
Common name: Hedge Bambo, Chinese dwarf bamboo



SHIBPUR IBG : sk-Oct-04 : Bambusa multiplex (Lour.) Raeusch. ex Schult.? : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6).
As far as I can remember this a slim bamboo, something like –

I agree with …


Garden Plant for ID : Panvel : 16NOV21 : AK – 006: 6 images.

Seen at a resort in Panvel, on the outskirts of Mumbai.
Seems to be some type of Grass or Bamboo, not sure.
Not seen before.
… should be able to help.

Bambusa multiplex – fern leaf variety

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