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just today I was reading an article, which remembered me an old thing.
My grandmother used to use the of a certain spider (we used to say कातणीचे घर  ) as a plaster for wounds.
    …, perhaps you remember it? or …?
I read an article about Nephila clavipes and the medicinal use of her cobweb. But her cobweb dosen’t look like कातणीचे घर.
कातणीचे घर was very tightly woven, and therefore white.
For those who want to read / can read the original GERMAN article
    Would like to know which spider that was!

not really 

but the idea is …

anything that will cause blood clotting will induce / promote wound healing, local activation of complement and clotting cascades…
then re-epitheliazation.. in a nutshell.
Samudra shosh (argyreia) leaves’ hairy surface does the same thing.. even the invading greek army soldiers were treated with it by indian healers … way back when.. i dont remember the exact reference but it can be had from with a long diligent search…
there are many many such old methods to induce the clotting …


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