Xanthorrhoea johnsonii A.T.Lee, Contr. New South Wales Natl. Herb. 4: 49 1966. ?;


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How are you ? Last month I visited Australia and New Zealand. There I got a plant. I have photographed it. It may be Cycus. I had posted it on facebook. Some one has asked me its identity. I am attaching the photograph. I expect its identity from you.Please open the attachment.
You may give some latest happenings in the BSI.

Its the grass tree
in Australian grass trees are Xanthorrhoea sp.

if from from southern usa and mexico… Dasylirion longissimum
another monocot, from Asparagales order.
both are very slow growing plants
take decades to develop the “tree trunks”
and I do not know how many years to develop the flowering spikes…
Botanists specializing in these xeriscaping plants can perhaps tell you, but  a betting person will say its Australian since the picture was from Australia, but in this day and age of  imports of all kinds of plants growing all over the world who is to say…  unless someone knowledgeable identifies it properly, and not just from one distant picture.
Though I must say enjoyed looking at this plant.

Can … tell us where exactly in New Zealand was this set, what season and what was the place: public garden??? someone’s home or street planting? or botanical garden???

On searching, this looks like the Grass Tree Xanthorrhoea johnsonii.

New to me, don’t have more details.

Thanks to all for the identification. I could notice this ” grass tree “ in the public place of Brisbane and Kangaroo Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast in the second week of September, 2014

Xanthorrhoea sp. (Xanthorrhoeaceae)

Endemic to Australia.

I agree further classification based on one distant picture will not be advisable…
leaving it at sp. level.. is best I can do…
nice to see you resurface .. haven’t seen you for awhile

I looked at this for some reason today
Please dont be hasty to get down to the species level…
more often than not such haste  is not advisable… we dont know anything about this plant..
I am happy with colloquial name and family name at the best, if pushed  And Dr Diwakar is/ was at BSI he has not ventured to guess at a name..
for our database it should remain at the family level..

Fine. Will remember in future.