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Victoria regia, Bogor Botanical Gardens, for validation, thank you.

yes the original

with narrow side upturns

green it seems to be though your pictures donot clearly show the outer surface of the rim

this is perhaps our first of the original V. regia

As per GRIN, Victoria regia Lindl. a syn. of  Victoria amazonica (Poepp.) J. C. Sowerby

Efi page on Victoria amazonica

Plz find attached my 4 month old V.amazonica.

so when does the side walls of the leaves develop???
at what age of the plant or the age of the leaf
this is intriguing…
in large population of the victoria plants with 100 or more leaves I have seen the unfurling leaf like ganesh here has it in picture number 2 above, but I have yet to see any large leaf without an upturned side…
so what’s the lifestory /story line on the leaf development?

Pl. send pic. of the bud for proper id.
Pl. see discussions in this thread:

Interesting plants of AJCB Indian Botanic Garden: AMAZON LILY (Victoria amazonica), Shibpur, Howrah: SCFEB23

Its been five months since i started it from seed. Initial one month no proper care was given as i was off to my home town, Kerala.
This is our first attempt to bring up V.amazonica. It was indeed hard to find a seller or grower of this species in India except few Govt institutions. Finally My desire to grow this beast ended in a water garden specialist in Maharashtra who basically imported few seeds from Thailand. 
Victoria adventure is the only website guided us cultural practices. But couldn’t find any article on its cultivation or performance in tropics.

now its started producing few leaves with slight rims. Still learning the life history !! will keep posted….!

thank you]
so it takes a few months to start the rim growing  on the edges…
lets hope you have a chronology notes and pics. for the next year or two, would be nice

Yes !

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