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I came across this egroup and decided to join because I need help in identification of several species of trees that I have planted for an NGO.
They are not necessarily common and that is why I need help.
I have collected them from western ghat region in Karnataka basically.
To start with I am attaching 2 photos of the 1st plant.
Please identify.

Welcome …
Pl. send unzipped files.

Can you tell me how to reduce the size of photos? I am unable to do that.

It is a sapling of mango tree. (Mangifera indica)

No Please. It is not a mango tree at all.

Usually botanists expect a plant image either in flowering or fruiting condition for correct identification. Preferably image should be little close up.

Thanks …,I am finding it difficult to get used to this efloraindia. I had posted 2 photos. I am unable to see anything myself. You can see only 1 photo or 2 photos? This is certainly not a mango tree although very much akin to mango.

Thanks, …
This is a google group like most of other groups.
Once you are logged on to gmail, you are automatically logged on to efloraofindia home page.
You can easily locate your message by searching at home page
Uploading time depends on the size of the pictures. Higher is the size more is the time required.
You can reduce the size of your pictures- all at one time as per link
However, it takes some time to get familiar with anything new.
Working with gmail is the most easy if you are on ‘all mail’ option. But I think you are on ‘No mail’ option.
It may also be because there are hundreds of messages everyday on efloraofindia.
If there is any other specific problem, pl. let me know.

You are quite right. Let me see if I can get used to all this. I don’t have any gmail account. I opened one specially for eflora purpose. But somehow your emails are all coming on my this official email ID. Let me try to understand what all you have said, over the week end.