Grevillea Species seen in San Francisco on 1/10/14.

A small, ornamental tree.

whole plant? ht ?? etc. see this:

its mind boggling to say the least…

A small tree, hardly 10 feet in height cultivated in the garden overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Grevillea banksii comes to my mind on searching further.

Thanks for the link.
So many different colors.

I thought G. robusta only

G. lanigera, G. juniperina, are displayed as small shrubs in hanging baskets in Farmers markets.

i am not so sure of the diagnosis
its just not three
many many are sold esp in california

Thanks for the suggested id.
I could locate one more picture, giving an idea of the small tree.
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Thanks for an interesting unknown exotica, this pdf and article read along with http://anpsa.org.au/g-super1.html may help.

Thanks for the link. It does look like my Grevillea.
Let the experts decide, since I am not one.

wonderful that you found and shared these links…
if one peruses these it becomes obvious that many sp and many many more cultivars are being studied by these groups..
yes there at least one and one comes across a few more very active study groups of exotics , not to mention university level groups to study and id these … with live specimen in hand and often if not live, superb close ups all aspects of the plants and flowers and dissections…

thanks for the fifth pic , but it dos not tell me the plant size and details of the leaves etc…

I am happy with Grevillea sp, cultivar ….
questions that arise with any plant and esp here with so many cultivars out there…
what is the shape of the plant, how tall, what does the stem and bark look like, branching, leaves details, and then flower spike/inflorescence … size etc…

I am not even sure of the color..is it pink? is it red? is it orange? is it orangeish red? digital cameras do a number with some red colored flowers and leaves … … unless we also take a reference card with us and photograph it along with red its often difficult … esp out under the open sky…
now the question is : which do i pick from these ps pics above taken in a hurry: which cultivar???

..”.ned kelly”, “superb”,, or “robyn gordon”, cultivars or is it g. juniperina?
its a difficult task , you’ll agree when you see and read the difficulties in nailing the diagnosis based on these pictures only…. imagine the intense scrutiny the study group undertakes…

There were many cultivars in australia already and then i can imagine all the cultivars developed since it became popular in american southwest…

my final diagnosis is red flowering cultivar of Grevillea sp. 

I am glad you showed these and it will be in the database in indiatreepix as an australian plant, and in this day and age of all xeriscaping plants finding a place in international growers lists, it may come to india like the artichokes, kiwi, avocado etc etc have .. who knows..it may be a start of another conversation..
but today this is as far i am willing to go based on the data we have.


Good morning Didi, since you have already suggested a possibility I also thought of G. “superb”, a search for its (“superb”) leaf and comparing other details like inflo size, flowering season (throughout year) may help go further. Of-course that would be a probability only.

how did you measure the inflorescence size? several pictures are at an angle, not parallel to the inflorescence , so size ca n not be determines=d one picture may be used but how? no reference object like a pen, a ruler a coin or a finger etc is present…

only match is flowering in late summer and fall… but that’s in australian queensland fall…
i dont have time to compare and find the temperature humidity and rains etc in queensland and compare it to southern california inland areas ….

a search for its (“superb”) leaf and comparing other details like inflo size, flowering season (throughout year) may help go further”
The above means I have rather requested … to check leaf images and verify if those stats on inflo-leaves etc (of superb) do conform with her species.

thanks … for clarifying

it was not clear to me

now … has work to do, let see what come up in the measurement

I have attached all the pictures I had.
Unfortunately, don’t have any more details to reply about.
How I am suppose to take the measurements would be anybody’s guess, since it would be a guess only.
How am I suppose to study the flowering season of an ornamental I have come across in a sight seeing trip?
I really wish I had the answers and could help you further.
Thanks for taking such a lot of interest in this Grevillea.
For me, I am happy to identify it as a Grevillea Species Cultivar.

All this effort was put in because of your long-term habit of wanting to get a species level diagnosis even with one picture.
You have trained us well.. we dont give up until then…
even Surajit ( who usually does not get involved in these exercises) got us information…
you could have responded right then on November 15th 2014…. or soon there after…… today is december 23rd 2014…
but now i am glad you have learned what most diagnosticians /scientists whether in medicine or botany or zoology know… not everything can be identified down to the species level based on incomplete data..
and sometimes even with complete data… and that it takes patience and time..
“For me, I am happy to identify it as a Grevillea Species Cultivar”.
thats good news
because that’s where I wanted to stop.. on November 15th
my final diagnosis is red flowering cultivar of Grevillea sp. ” (…)
I am glad … not everything can be ided for sure
I know of some botanical gardens that even they have unidentified ( not very rare species as that) in their collections…
“How am I suppose to study the flowering season of an ornamental I have come across in a sight seeing trip?”
I sympathize
not possible now… but you are both a passionate picture lady and travel lady…
so I’ll tell you
I’ll tell you what I do, and its easier now with soooo many informative pages on google… I just quickly look up the local flora and most lists tell you the best season…
still its a hit or miss…
but mostly I am sort of ready..
“How I am suppose to take the measurements would be anybody’s guess, since it would be a guess only.”
now: no…
you are right it would only be a guess.. if these are all the pictures you have…
a tip for future..
but when I dont have anything like a ruler, i use a pen, lens cover , a lipstick, anything that I can later measure, and I put my finger in the frame… that would always be available and always be measurable
or get somebody in my group’s finger.. I ask them if I can borrow their digit?
or I even ask a passer-by…
I just did that near a Ramkrishna mission’s boundary wall… a college students’ group was going to some class and stopped to see what was so interesting? I asked one of the girls to put up her finger next to the flower, since I had to take a long shot.
All it took was all of may be a minute… since I had parked on a no parking spot, a guard came out promptly, and I had to move on…
Just as well because it was attacked by some disease and taken down during the monsoon that followed.. it was neat looking flowers on a stem hosting a weird branched thorn … turned out it was a kamada fruit tree in an urban garden… I have not seen one in last four years that I have searched and asked all the gardening enthusiasts in my area…
so lesson is .. it was like a flying visit … one time deal and opportunity…
very often it is that… even in my own hometown..

The photograph uploaded is beauiful

Most of the species of Grevillea being grown in California are hybrids but it seems the photograph is G. victoria

Its not g. victoriae
both the leaves and the inflorescence are very different..

lots of differences

Thanks …   Yes It can’t be G. victoriae in which leaves are unidivided

In fact there are three groups of Grevillea species
1. Those with simple leaves: G. victoriae, G. juniperina, G. lanigera
2. Leaves bipinnatifid as in G. robusta,
3. Leaves pinnatifid or pinnatisect as in G. banksii.
To me … plant looks like G. banksii ‘Superb’

Yours must be the final word…but it may have the starting point but further “DEVELOPED” both the leaves and flower spike are bit different from the pictures from australian sites..

BUT I AM HAPPY WITH A FINAL WORD. that Its a cultivar of G. banksii ‘superb’ 

Thanks for the distinguishing features of the leaves of Grevillea, and the id of my pictures based on these features.

Thanks that it has been settled finally. But, my question is – Is G. banksii ‘Superb’ same as Grevillea ‘Superb’?

If yes, next question –

Why is it G. banksii ‘Superb’?

Why not G. bipinnatifida ‘Superb’?

The best solution is to call it Grevillea X ‘Superb’ (white flowered G. banksii X G. pinnatifida)
Here is the full story

Yes Sir, that’s what I wanted to say. Thank you very much for confirming.