Lavandula gibsonii J.Graham, Cat. Pl. Bombay 149 1839. (Syn: Lavandula lawii Wight; Lavandula perrottetii Benth.);





Satara, Oct 2014 :: Requesting ID validation :: ARKNOV-05 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (8).

Requesting to please validate ID of this plant captured near Satara, Maharashtra in October 2014.
The leaves were very soft to touch.
Is this Lavandula gibsonii?

Lavandula lawii
Syn. Lavandula gibsoni
Leaves pinnatisect, lobes broad oblong, pinnatifid or toothed, villous on both sides.
The leaves of the other species found in Maharashtra is Lavandula bipinnata which has leaves sessile or sub sessile. Here they are petioled. 




Attached are pictures of Lavandula gibsonii captured at Satara, Sajjangad in October 2014.
Requested to validate the ID.

Another interesting upload. Thanks …

Lavandula lawii 


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