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Please ID this small medicinal shrub. Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in Dec 2012.

It seems some Jatropha related Euphorbiaceae plant

Your ID led to believe the plant may be Baliospermum solanifolium or Micrococca mercurialia both belong to Euphorbiaceae and both are recorded in Sri Lanka. I am not sure how to verify, any suggestion is welcome please.

this plant is obviously being studied.. there are envelopes on two things, most likely flowers that were covered up after hand pollination… so as to prevent further pollination by unwanted pollen… so its being studied … by botanists? horticulturist? industry scientists?easiest and most honorable way is to directly ask them…
unless they dont want to share the info with you
then you need whole plant detailed pictures including the flowers etc…
look up the species descriptions in various flora, determine what’s important for its distinction and try to describe and photograph those special structures, alongside a ruler and clean white or black background…


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