Efloraofindia is developing a bibliographic database of publications on all aspects of Indian plants. As part of this initiative, we are dedicating a page for every researcher at Database of publications to include their list of publications. These pages and the included references are easily searchable at efloraofindia site by anyone using keywords. One can contact and request for the articles to the authors directly or through us. Log-in to the website is not required to search or access the details therein.
We hope that this will help researchers to achieve a wider and deeper survey of the literature for their research and will also facilitate easy and quick access to the publications.
Please list all your research publications by sending to our moderators by mailing to <itpmods@googlegroups.com>. For open access articles, please provide links to the original source of publication, if possible. We will get back to you after it’s incorporation in the website. 
You are also requested to forward it to others so that they can also send their list for incorporation pl.