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Came across this small prostrate herb at Vadodara (28-10-09).
Flowers are whitish colour and resembles flowers of Justicia..
Leaves were hairy

it is a Rostellularia species–Acanthaceae

I hope the plant is …………… 
Rostellularia adscendens (R.Br.) R.M.Barker  [because of the hirsute nature of the plant visible in the photograph]
Synonyms: Justicia procumbens L.

Description: Ascending herb, usually 10–50 cm high, usually ± pubescent; lower branches often with woody base.

Leaves mostly oblong to ± ovate, 5–30 mm long, 2–8 mm wide, with large curved cystoliths perpendicular to midrib and often smaller curved cystoliths between.

Spikes 1–5 cm long, dense, sometimes interrupted at base; bracts ovate, 3–5.5 mm long, usually with hairs on apical half of margins and on green parts. Calyx 5–7 mm long, green. Corolla 4–10 mm long, with 2 longitudinal folds with darker striations.

Capsule mostly 5–7 mm long, glabrous or sometimes pubescent in upper half.




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