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January        Uploads Posts Mr. Dinesh Valke        Dr. Satish Phadke
February      Uploads Posts Mr. Dinesh Valke
Ms Aarti Khale
Mr. Dinesh Valke

March          Uploads Posts Mr. Dinesh Valke  
Mr. Prashant Awale    
Mr. J. M. Garg
April            Uploads Posts Mr. Anurag Sharma       Dr. Ushadi Micromini
May             Uploads Posts  Dr. Gurcharan Singh                 Dr. Gurcharan Singh
June            Uploads Posts
July             Uploads Posts Mr. Prashant Awale                Mr. Surajit Koley
August        Uploads Posts            
September  Uploads Posts  Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Ms Aarti Khale
Mr. J. M. Garg
October      Uploads  Posts Dr. Nidhan Singh      
Mr. Dinesh Valke
November   Uploads Posts Mr. Tsp Kumar
Mr. Anurag N Sharma

Dr. Ushadi
Mr. Tsp Kumar

December   Uploads Posts 

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Mr. Tsp Kumar

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Mr. J M Garg

Mr Dinesh Valke

Dr. Ushadi Micromini