Eucalyptus kybeanensis Maiden & Cambage,  J. Proc. Roy. Soc. New S. Wales 48: 417 1914 publ. 1915. ;

Eucalyptus kybeanensis, the Kybean Mallee Ash is an uncommon mountain eucalyptus of south eastern Australia. Usually a multi-stemmed mallee or small tree reaching 15 metres in height.[1] Bark is smooth; near white, grey or somewhat greenish. Scribbles may be seen on the bark.

The specific epithet kybeanensis refers to the location of the original specimen. Collected by Richard Cambage in November 1908 on sandy conglomerate soils, near the Kydra Trig of the Kybean Range. Which is part of the Great Dividing Range, around 26 kilometres from the town of Nimmitabel in south eastern New South Wales. The main areas of distribution however, are on the highland country of the Australian Alps, particularly in the state of Victoria.[2]
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Eucalyptus kybeanensis Maiden & Cambage

Species from Australia, photographed from California


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