by Aarti S Khale & Paresh V Churi (Both Ids by Andrew Henderson) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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Willd. Sp. Pl. ii. t. 203 ; var. FASCICULATUS, Becc. ; stem rather stout, leaflets many inequidistant or fascicled 3-costate, margins and costas beneath spinulose, floccose rachis and petiole with scattered long straight spines, sheath and flagelli with scattered short hooked spines, spadix very long clothed with long spathes, tip flagelliferous, branches paniculate, spikes 4-5 in., lower spathes compressed with subulate spines, upper prickly, fruit small globose beaked. C. fasciculatus, Roxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 779 (excl. cit. Rheede) ; Kunth Enum. iii. 208 ; Mart. Hist. Nat. Palm. iii. 338, t. 116, f. iv. ; Walp. Ann. 488, v. 831 ; Griff, in Calc. Journ. Nat. Hist. v. 52 ; Palms Brit. Ind. 62, t. 195 B (excl. A. Roxburghii), t. 190 A, f. ii. ; Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. iii. 127 ; Palm. Archip. Ind. 27 ; Kurz in Journ. As. Soc. Beng. xliii. ii. 210, t. 27 B ; For. Fl. ii. 517. C. extensus, Mart. l. c. iii. 210, Ed. 1, partly, t. 116, f. iv. 1 (reduced in Ed. 2 to fasciculatus). C. Pseudo-Rotang, Mart. l. c. 209, Ed. 1, t. 116, f. vi. (reduced in Ed. 2 to fasciculatus) ; Griff, in Calc. Journ. Nat. Hist. v. 42 ; Palms Brit. Ind. 53 ; Kunth Enum. iii. 207.— Wall. Cat. 8608, 8611.  

LOWER BENGAL, ORISSA, and the CARNATIC, CHITTAGONG, BURMA, the ANDAMAN ISLANDS and PENANG, Wall.—DISTRIB. Cochin China. (Of the type Malay Islands.)  
A stout scrambling and climbing species. Leaves 2-3 ft. ; leaflets 4-10 by 2/3-3/4 in., pale green, young and rachis and sheath white-floccose, petiole short and rachis very stout, spines slender 1/2-1.1/4 in. long, pale hardly flattened. Spathes coriaceous, mouth obliquely truncate ; flagelli with hooked 2-3-fld claws. Spadix and its spreading branches rather stout, internodes (and truncate spathels) 1/2-3/4 in. Fruit 1/3-1/2 in. diam. ; scales pale yellow, obscurely channelled down the middle.  
(From The Flora of British India (1894) from IBIS Flora)




 Palm Tree For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 05DEC14 : AK-17 : 12 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (12)
Another short palm seen in Lalbagh on 8/11/14.

palm with thorns like eyelashes and bamboo like leaves
c’ant be anything but Rattan—  and if allowed to grow it would be the giant rattan i think
Plectocomia elongata most likely

To me it seems to be some species of Calamus.

… has a point, calamus moti should be in differential..

so now we wait for an expert

Calamus viminalis Willd.

Yes  … should know his palms

I used to have his book back when his key pages were the best

lay people could follow them easily




Calamus sp. for Id Mahim Nature Park, Dharavi, Mumbai, Oct-15 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (8)

Please identify this calamus sp.

Calamus viminalis Willd.




Palm for ID :: Thane :: ARKDEC09 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)

Seen this palm in a cultivated garden in Thane, Maharashtra in Dec 2016. Seen such a tree for the first time. It had slender appendages longer than the height of the palm having thorns on it.
I was told it is a palm. Requested to please ID the same.

Pl. Check comparative images at EFI under Aracaceae.

Pl. check Calamus viminalis Willd. as per comparative images at Calamus

yes, Calamus viminalis