Another very tiny plant seen in Los Angeles on 5/10/14.

Again I do not have any idea.

Another Sempervivum cultivar.

Thanks for suggested id.
I will try searching further.



Very tiny and compact plant seen in Los Angeles on 5/10/14.

Check the following link –

Thank you

I have been enjoying the photos …,

But am no authority on many of the Crassulaceae, especially the Echeveris. But I believe this is a Sempervivum, looks like S. arachnoideum or a variety of such. At first I though how they can grow this in L.A., but then, they do not get high humidity with high heat. The combination of the two will kill them, they just milt. I have found here, If I keep them shaded for the two months we are in that condition, I can get them to pull through and then they take off again in late summer through fall. Then they go dormant and wake up the next spring ready to go again

Thanks to you and … for the suggested id.



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