× Pachyveria glauca F.Haage & M.Schmidt, Haupt-Verz. Samen Pfl., Erfurt 1926: 19 1926. ?; 

Perhaps Pachyveria glauca
Photographed from Srinagar, Kashmir.

is this after they finished flowering?/
looking a bit disheveled…
when could be better organized as in …//
if so could it be: Pachyveria scheideckeri after flowering?

Thanks …, my suggestion I got from Daves Garden forum. Let us hope for better fit.

I looked at that before I thought of the Pachyveria scheideckeri

the “petals” or leaves are not as nicely plump or symmetrically arranged as in the examples of Pachyveria glauca shown by members of Daves garden…
take a look at this https://www.flickr.com/photos/26914853@N06/5967513006/in/pool-variegatedplants/

visually at least to my eyes  it fits

Here is what my Hortus Third says

P. glauca: leaves angular-cylindrical, up to 5 cm long, slightly flattened, acute, glaucous; flowering stems about 30 cm or more long; bracts small, not overlapping; sepals 6 mm long; petals 12 mm long, appendaged, tips spreading
P. scheideckeri: leaves cuneate-spatulate, up to 5 cm long, acute turgid, blue glaucous; flowering stems up to 12 cm long; bracts overlapping; sepals nearly as long as petals; petals 12 mm long, without appendages.

now i need to take down my botanical dictionary and study…

Thanks, …
On search it generally gives: Pachyveria ‘Scheideckeri’
No entry of P. scheideckeri in GRIN.
The Plant List gives × Pachyveria scheideckeri (de Smet) E.Walther as unresolved. 
What to be taken?

Pachyveria glauca is there on many websites including famous Daves Garden, from where I got this ID. It has several cultivars also. Both above species are unresolved names in The Plant List. It is their helplessness, why do we worry about it. Scientists won’t stop working on plants for which The Plant List has no opinion.

The plant uploaded may be Pachyveria clavata a species from China

I don’t think its Pachyveria clavata, which is very different anatomically…
only a few pictures from some Russian sites show rosettes vaguely like … pics…
and since i cant read what they are saying cant be sure of the growing conditions etc…
But overwhelming majority of the visual data for p. clavata is different.. no match



The Plant List Ver.1.1 (Unresolved) Wikipedia  Dave’s Garden

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