Wild Plant For ID : C

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Another wild plant seen in Fremont, growing wild in a field on 28/9/14.

Plantago ..?

Thanks for suggesting Plantago.
I had thought so too, but wasn’t too sure.

impossible to make out the flower

leaves are narrower than the plantago usually seen here

I have cropped one of the pictures for a better look at the flowers.

ok thanks … flowers remind of plantain

the thin ribbon like leaf and parallel venation…

colloquially called ribbon plantain…

but they can be tricky to label botanically
may be … who spent a lot of time in California during the weed growing season has ideas.. lets ask him

It is Plantago. A key to the species is available at http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/get_IJM.pl?key=9825

Plantago lanceolata is one possibility.


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