Meiogyne ramarowii (Dunn) Gandhi, Fl. Hassan District 38 1976. (Syn: Unona ramarowii Dunn);

Habit- Large shrubs or small trees, up to 6 m tall.

Branches and Branchlets- Branchlets densely hirsute.
Leaves- Leaves simple, alternate, distichous; petiole nearly terete, densely hirsute 0.3 to 0.5 cm long; lamina 5-15 x 3-7 cm elliptic to narrow ovate, apex acuminate-caudate with blunt tip (acumen 0.8 to 2.2 cm long), base acute to rounded, glabrous above, margin ciliate when young, chartaceous; midrib impressed above, hirsute; secondary nerves 6-8 pairs, strong, ascending; tertiary nerves reticulate.
Inflorescence / Flower- Flowers solitary, axillary, sessile, velvety cream tomentose.
Fruit and Seed- Clustered few-seeded berries, subsessile, torulose, hirsute when young. 
Understorey tree in wet evergreen forests at 300-1200 m.  
Endemic to the Western Ghats- South and Central Sahyadris.
(Attributions- B. R. Ramesh, N. Ayyappan, Pierre Grard, Juliana Prosperi, S. Aravajy, Jean Pierre Pascal, The Biotik Team, French Institute of Pondicherry.

ANJAN41/41 Annonaceae tree for identification : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (10)

Family: Annonaceae
Date: 11th January 2015
Place: Paripathodu, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Habit, Short tree

Meiogyne ramarowii

Thank you very much, …

Is it a commonly occuring understorey tree?


Meiogyne ramarowii @ Thattekad, Kerala for confirmation : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)
Thattekad, Kerala

Considered Meiogyne pannosa but settled for M. ramarowii as:
large shrub (not tree), branches hirsute
flowers axillary, sessile;
leaves were elliptic-oblong; acuminate;
fruitlet torulose;
petals velvety and tomentose.


ID KZD06: 2 images.
Please identify this small tree from Kannur district of Kerala 22/12/20

Pl. check comparative images at Annonaceae


Meiogyne ramarowii

246 ID wild plant:
Please ID wild plant,
Location: near Reserve Forest, Chathamattom, Ernakulam District, (Kochi) Kerala PIN:686671
Altitude: 1400fsl
Flower date: 30.08.2021, 02.55pm
Habitat: wild, moisture, filtered sunlight
Plant habit: small tree, erect, branches, hard stem 6 inches circumference, hairy, long lasting
Height: 04 meters
Leaves: alternate, ovate, oblong, apex, size:12×5cm
Flower: thick hard petals, diameter:22mm, off-white, fragrant
Fruit: ovoid, green into red, size:2.5×1cm, edible little sweet
Seed: brown 2 nos., semi globular diameter:6.5mm
Camera: mobile Samsung Galaxy A21s

Check with Annonaceae

Yes, it is more close to Meiogyne ramarowii, dear …, thank you very much for ID my plant. One ID request of this kind is from Thattekkad, only 17km distance from here.

Thanks, …, for id as Meiogyne ramarowii (Dunn) Gandhi




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